We are AJAD™.

A Saudi company specialized in data centers. Our mission is to empower each of our client's data center infrastructure by offering the best technology solution designed specifically to achieve the client's top business goals.

Who we are.

We are a service oriented company with passion for data centers. Our people live and breath the latest in data center technologies. Data center solutions are what they enjoy doing. Continuous technology advancement is one key distinguishing element of our people. Key partnerships with major technology leaders is another distinguishing element. But, yet more importantly, we possess a unique knowledge sharing and team work approach with our clients. For that reason, we adopted a policy that makes our resources and expertise easily accessible to our clients for no front cost or commitment whatsoever. You only need to contact us to see the difference.


In short, we only do data centers. We decided to specialize and focus on data centers and related technologies, rather than spreading ourselves thin on multiple industries. We understand with focus comes reliability and excellence. And, this is what we want to deliver to our clients.


Our strategy is to maintain a world leadership in development, and deployment of the latest data centers' technologies. Innovation in design development is key to this strategy. We don't use one solution fits all approach. We understand the uniqueness of each client's business needs.

Unique Solutions

The focus and strategy allow us to dive deep in data center technologies. Our specialists can in turn master the two sides of the equation; i.e. the technology side and the customer business side. With this mastery, highly developed solutions are best matched with each customer unique case.

Knowledge Sharing

Unlike the prevailing belief, we think that sharing of knowledge is key to innovation and technology advancement. Hence, we are open for collaborative solution development, any support question, or inquiry for information specific to each client.

How we work.

1 Maintain the highest standards and caliper through continuous education, training, and knowledge.

2 Maintain an open collaboration platform with clients and partners.

3With knowledge and open collaboration, develop and deploy the best robust solution for each individual client.